Well-Care, Sick-Care &

Health Certificates

pet health

Well-Care Consultations & Examinations

Well-care examinations are the cornerstone of health care for your pet. It is far easier, and safer, to prevent medical problems than it is to treat them after they occur. Routine physical examinations and discussions of your pet's health allow the doctors at the Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital to make sure your pet stays healthy, and to catch minor problems before they have a chance to become major health problems.

Sick-Care Examinations, Diagnostics & Hospitalization

The doctors are always available if your pet is not feeling up to par. The staff at the Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital is skilled at combining the history of your pet's problems with a thorough medical examination so that sound recommendations can be made for diagnostics and treatment of your pet.

Health Certificates

As licensed and USDA-accredited veterinarians, Doctors Milden and D'Alessandro are qualified to examine animals requiring health certificates for travel or sale. The doctors can then issue the specialized certificates needed for selling or transporting pets.