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As pet owners we understand that our pets can have a huge impact on our lives. Our pets are a parts of our families. They provide unconditional love and support and bring hours of enjoyment to our lives. We also understand that the loss of our pets may creates a voids in our lives. Whether we have a wonderful new pet in our lives or are memorializing the life of a lost pet, it is important to recognize and share the joyful stories of our animal friends. This is why we at Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital have created a space for you to share your stories of joy and laughter of a current pet or the touching memories of a lost pet.

If you are would like to share your story with others, please send them to us at We will gather and read your stories and post them on our website for others to read. Please read our featured story below!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Send funny, fun or endearing stories about your pet’s experiences.
  • Send stories about the loss of a recent or past pet.
  • Send miraculous stories of ‘the things our pets do.’
  • If you have a picture of your pet, you can send it along also!

Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
We hope this page allows you to share your fun, miraculous and memorable experiences that you have had with your pet(s)!

~Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital

Featured Stories

My Dear Cody
by Sharon Rose

My beautiful puppy. How his coat was so long and flowing. How his wet, cold nose nudged me awake in the mornings. It seems that whenever I wanted to sleep, he would want to play. And whenever I wanted to play, he wanted to sleep. My precious sheep dog, oh how I miss him! One of my fondest memories is Christmas, 3 years ago...