My Pet Story

My Dear Cody

by Sharon Rose

My beautiful puppy. How his coat was so long and flowing. How his wet, cold nose nudged me awake in the mornings. It seems that whenever I wanted to sleep, he would want to play. And whenever I wanted to play, he wanted to sleep. My precious sheep dog, oh how I miss him! One of my fondest memories is Christmas, 3 years ago. Cody was his usual self. Prowling the kitchen for any scrap of food he could find.

Gramma had worked all day making pecan pies and green bean casserole. She was taking her wonderful cooking, one dish at a time, out to the garage to keep cool. In the midwest, our garages and porches become our refrigerators and freezers in the wintertime!

The house was beginning to fill with children, families and the smells of Christmas! Cody was being a typical dog, going from person to person, soaking up all the love, strokes and hugs he could get! It was no surprise, that he disappeared to take a nap about an hour later. The poor thing must have been so tired and full from eating all those floor scraps!

My Gramma and I went to set the table and retrieve all that wonderful food we had been cooking ALL day long. I went into the garage to bring in the first dish, when I noticed something missing. The dishes and pies were there but there was a huge hole eaten out of each one! I let out a surprised scream and that is when I saw Cody. His head popped up, ears perked from under the garage stairs. He couldn't even move he was so full.

Of coarse we were mad, but we all couldn't help but laugh at my dog as he rolled around on the floor moaning with contentment and indigestion! These are the memories I cherish of Cody, my puppy!

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