Pet Boarding

The Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital is pleased to be able to offer around-the-clock boarding for our clients’ pets.

pet boarding


  • The boarding area is connected to the animal hospital, so animals can be monitored and, as needed, examined by our staff and doctors.
  • We have a complete line of boarding facilities, including cages and indoor/outdoor runs.
  • Cats are boarded separately from dogs


  • We offer individualized boarding services for all our clients' pets.
  • Dogs are allowed out for air and exercise in a fenced, outdoor yard.
  • Special requests are honored. If your pet requires special attention, special medications or foods, or even special toys, we will meet these needs.
  • We recommend that our patients be boarded with us, as their medical records and histories are available to the doctors; patients with special needs can be monitored and treated as needed.
  • Animals are routinely checked. Any problems are immediately reported to our doctors and treated as needed.
  • Clients are notified of any additional treatments for their boarded pets.
  • Boarded pets must be current on required vaccinations.